Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Octopus Always Wins

Despite having no particular enjoyment of Sushi on my part (and Saros only liking Chicken Sushi), we were alarmed and excited to be invited to the equivalent of Sushi train. We ate before we went (tacos were pretty successful) and had to wait 20-30 minutes before we got our tables. We had two tables, us, Linda and Oh*, and Nicolas, Ayumi, Fumio, Sebastian and Anthony.

^^ Carly, Sarah, Fumio ^^

^^Fumio, Oh, Linda ^^

The Sushi drifts around on plates on a conveyor belt next to each table, but you can also place an order on the Shinkansen (bullet train). The Shinkansen is way cool, by the way! Oh was quite enthusiastic, reaching for all manner of slimy goodness while I eyed the desserts. The plates are colour coded, red and white for fish and rice, yellow for sushi or other things with rice, and green for drinks. (Green tea is free and is on each table, but there are orange and apple juice boxes on the green plates which I took advantage of).

^^ Some sort of slimey green thing ^^

^^ Baby Squid ^^

We had cucumber Sushi (I really don’t like seaweed), some kind of crumbed chicken or pork with rice which was pretty good, chocolate mousse and chocolate cake. It was about this time we probably abandoned all sanity, as we decided to make my dad proud and everyone of our friends laugh, and try some fish. Not just any fish… we tried this:

^^ Octopus tentacle on rice ^^

It was a war between us and the Octopus. It was really, really bad. It tasted rather strongly, and made the rice underneath taste of it also. It was inchewable… well, maybe you’d better see for yourself what it was like…

^^ The Octopus war of ’10 ^^

Yep, that’s me almost vomiting about 9 times, and Sarah almost snotting up the place in her distress. After that video ended, I was still trying to swallow the damned Octopus! Beno, we’re saving the Takoyaki (fried Octopus balls) for Tokyo, so bring your game stomach!
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xoxo Carlos

P.S. As to who won the war? We may have won the battle, but the Octopus won the war. The Octopus always wins.
* Oh, aka Oh-san is the J-Hoop of Japan. He’s always super nice despite a rather tenuous grasp of English. Lovely guy. And if you were wondering, his name is actually “Oh”/ “Sang Min Oh”.
I don't know why Fumio's being a minger in the photos, he's generally supposed to be a ladies man, not a mutant!


  1. you know...octopus tentacles, though separated from the body, will continue to grow and also spawn eight of their own legs, eventually completing a replication process of it's parent octopi.
    You two were very brave to try to eat them but now I am afraid that soon you will not be yourselves as the octopus within attaches to the central nervous system and commands your thoughts (generally just forcing you to make squidgy noises and flap your arms while you 'swim' about on the sidewalks).
    I am sad that no one told you this but the Japanese are notorious for springing this practical (yet horrible) joke on foreigners.

  2. Also, this!

  3. radie no michi!~ BATSU!
    (A lady must never vomit when chewing octopus)

  4. haha the octopus looks so gross. the video of you guys eating it is hilarious! i showed it to my dad and even he laughed. ahh you guys and your crazy antics!

  5. I dont care what you guys say, but we are going to a sushi train when I get to Tokyo. I love sushi, although I dont know if I like the sound of fried octopus balls.......yum ;)