Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sat Night Fever: The unfortunate disco event

On Sat at last my Macudo (McDonalds) ban ended! I spent the afternoon dying my hair -I had no idea whether two colours could be mixed (I took that chance), how much bleach was in the dye or how to read the all Japanese instructions. It turned out pretty okay, I picked this dye because Sarah wanted me to- I imagine she thought it would go ridiculously wrong and could laugh. (The packets aren’t exactly confidence inspiring…).

Yeah, they look a bit like Bratz dolls...

We got ready to go out and hit the subway, heading to N3. We met Miho and Yu there, (Mai was sick) and Miho’s friend Paul. Heading downstairs, the music was pumping but we got the shock of our lives to realise it was 11:30pm and we were the only ones there! It was a little unnerving, but we got some drinks and waited it out. It started with mushy R&B romance songs (unimpressive), then had some reggae sounding songs and then got progressively older until it literally hit disco. It was truly traumatic!

Coolies on the subway. Tanimachi yo!

Escaping N3, we went for what I assumed would be a short walk. After a rather long but pleasant time walking and checking out different clubs, we saw a chicken on a car. Then we found two things that pleased us greatly- 1, a 24 hour Macudo, and 2, Club Azure. After Saros haggled with the club employees through Miho, we got a discounted entrance and a free drink card. The drinks were pretty good but like most clubs here, it was absolutely packed and boiling hot. Seriously, you know people are going to be packed in and dancing, get better air con!

It looks like a submarine!

Yes, a chicken, on a car, at 2:00am, in the clubbing district. Totally normal.

Another example of cool building design, unlike that weirdo glass thing in Adelaide.

We found a spot on the dance floor right under a smoke machine, to the point that at random times during songs, we’d be completely blinded by smoke then occasionally hit by strobe lights too. It was an interesting experience, especially the hilarious guy who kept walking up to a table near us, gesturing to ask if a drink was ours, then walking way with an innocent look and a new drink each time. I have no idea whose drinks he was stealing… Some badass Gs were trying to teach Paul to dance like a homie, also amusing. Some guys tried to talk to Saros and I, generally, not knowing Japanese, it was a short lived attempt that amused Miho and Yu.

Yu and Miho in N3

Finally, the highlight of the night in my opinion, finding our way back to Macudo, the place of intense food love. Excited, I bounded up to the counter (keep in mind I was hot, tired and it was 3:30am) and rather erratically declared “Hitotsu BIG MAC, ummmm pickelsu to, mac saussseee to, ooonion nukide-“ but was interrupted with “You want a big mac?”. My rather surprised response was “Oh, you speak English”. (This was on par with the time the guy at USJ was holding out candy and asked for the magic word before giving me some. Somewhat confused, I offered “Onegaishimasu?” (please?) before being laughed at and told it was “Trick or treat” to fit in with the Halloween theme.)

The time we realised photos were all we could salvage of N3

Thus a successful night, not too expensive and not too hungover to talk to my grandmas on skype the next day. Win!

The sun rises over Kire-Uriwari

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  1. Carlos and Saros at large in Osaka;
    it seems the clubs over there just arent enough to keep up with you two and little old adelaide is eagerly awaiting your return to bring back the party!
    Those buildings are pretty interesting-cool and the sunrise must have been pretty special :)
    I've no idea what that rooster's story is but...well I can think of a few burgers that chicken tastes nice in...just saying.
    Do they play that god-awful J-pop stuff in any clubs? man I think I plain wouldnt be able to stand it hahaha
    I'm glad mcdonalds is a universal early morning eats establishment :) good to know what you can rely on eh?
    I will keep up with posting from now on, I swear! I do love reading about your adventures!