Saturday, December 7, 2013

Malaysia- KL 12:25am Aus time. 7.12.13

After being dropped off at the airport (Dad was in tears, deep, deep down. I’m sure of it) after drying my bed socks on my hands out the window… smooth…  (then having to subsequently stuff them in my laptop case) I boarded the plane. It was… a turbulence filled flight. I almost immediately regretted not taking my travel calm, but was too reluctant to disturb the guy next to me. It cleared up temporarily, but there were spots of it all along the flight. The flight itself was pretty boring- the food was the only highlight, a very decent meal followed by a snack! KL airport is pretty cray- the main terminal looks cool and I’ve always been a sucker for a Monorail (*cue The Simpsons musical*). 
To make a boring story significantly shorter, after getting in the actual airport and trying to find my gate (different terminal), I hit up Hungry Jacks purely because it was the cheapest and dad’s $30 AUD became 81RM  (which I assume stands for Ringet Malaysia?).
So I’m in the line, attempting to order in Indonesian (turns out a cheeseburger is a sandwich without meat so it’s a double cheeseburger or a cheese sandwich, nothing in between?), mourning that the Milo is sold out (Indo and Malaysia do an amazing iced Milo at Maccas/HJs) when who runs up to me but a former student!
He was almost manic with excitement at being able to practice his Indo (even though some words are different… toilet for example in Indonesia is WC/Kamar Kecil but in Malaysia it is Tandas. He was flying out to London and like myself, did not enjoy the previous flight (I had to laugh because to London will be far, far worse!). He and his sister were travelling around Europe. The line for HJs was simply horrific- it would have been harder to find a more lackluster, slow and incompetent staff. They just dawdled around shuffling packets of fries, watching the lines grow carefully or shifting things about seemingly randomly while those of us in line stared incredulously.
 I then finally got online, to the shittiest internet service ever. Former student said it is apparently 1G p/sec v our 60Gp/sec in Aus, so that does explain why even when you’re connected, you’re not really connected.
The main terminal has some good shopping, but I think I leave from the domestic one, which appears to sell only chocolate. SO MUCH CHOCOLATE! Why are there 12 chocolate stores, a small amount of alcohol and NOTHING ELSE? Do Malaysian people only ever buy chocolate?

It is a mystery to be solved for sure. The only reason I am uploading now is a) I still have about 3 hours til my flight boards and b) the internet is far, far better in this obscure branch of the domestic terminal. Why? So many questions. Anyhow, I leave you with… well I don’t have anything right now. Let me think of a better parting line.
xx Carly

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