Monday, December 9, 2013

South Korea- Seoul  9:56pm 9.12.13
After departing from Stay in GAM, we walked to the subway and went to Myeondong. We did some browsing in the subway stores there (buying some K-Pop stuff- Ange got some TOP cards and an Infinite calendar, I think we all got a Running Man key chain) and some accessories, because hell if I don’t need yet another headband and ribbon. It was cute though.  We also saw these balls of what are like biscuit covered in different flavours of chocolate. They’re apparently German, though I didn’t see any while I was in Germany…  You put them in a paper bag and then hit them with a hammer! As you can imagine, the lure was too great to resist.

^^ The different flavours of ...whatever this was.^^

We then, unfortunately, walked the wrong way from the subway (our instructions said “go straight out of exit 6” when in fact, they should have said “Turn left out of exit 6 then go straight”.) What followed was a subsequent 2 or so hours of trying to figure out where we were with an incredibly shitty map and a LOT of unnecessary walking. We finally found M Plaza, right back next to Myeondong station pretty much, and then went up to talk to the staff about booking the ferry to Fukuoka. We then booked an appointment to try on Hanbok and got the last one of the day!

^^ "GD it's me in the flesh... top to bottom so freshly dressed..."^^

At this point, Ange saw an advertisement in Chinese, and asked Mankee what it was. She then got terribly excited- end result: a trip to a Chinese tourist office a few streets down and 130,000W later we had ourselves tickets to see Block B (my fave band!) and BTS (Mankee’s fave band!). This unfortunately, occurs 1 day after we were supposed to leave, so we’re staying an extra 2 days in South Korea now. We cut our Kyushu time one day short for Big Bang, and 2 days short for Block B/BTS. Now we only have 2.5 days in Kyushu so we’ll just have to do our best with that time.
We still really want to try and get to Gukanjima, and for Ange Beppu/Oita hotsprings are definitely a priority.

^^ Hanbok time!^^

We then had time to waste before trying on Hanbok- we got some lunch at an Asian restaurant and shared a seafood noodle dish and Beef and vegetables in a black pepper sauce. I really enjoy black pepper sauce, except not so much the pepper, if you can believe it. We quickly figured out the red vegetable was in fact chilli, not capsicum, sadly, and our mouths were on fire for the rest of the meal. They had amazing spring rolls too.

Then we headed back to try on Hanbok, which was fun. They do have to be the least flattering garment ever though! We stopped back by Mr Pizza (which Ange absolutely adores- I’m pretty “meh” about it) and for me the highlight was Blueberryade and Strawberryade which was lemonade with real bits of fruit in it. It was pretty nice and Ange loved her pasta. It was Mankee’s turn to try Bulgogi pizza this time. Then we headed back home, totally ready for bed.

^^ Ange and Mankee in front of a poster in the Subway ^^

The Mulberry Defender- OUT!

Mum and dad- while I haven't lost your camera... there is a 90% chance I left the charger home. D'OH! 

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