Thursday, July 8, 2010


So it's less than a week til we go and I'm in no way ready. Oh well, not like that's really a surprise to anyone. Better not be late to the airport!
Looking forward to Pizza on sunday, still kind of packing... til next thurs! 11:50 and we're in the air!

Au Buenos Noches.


I made that "Spanish" up. I think it looks way cool though.


  1. Well I clearly have no life so as soon as Saros posted this link on fb I came running! You will get there. I think it's always this kind of terror like, 'oh God should I bring this and this and this' but once you're away, you will be fine. I'm so excited for you guys! My best piece of wisdom: Don't be a shit minger.

    Kim (aka the Silent Assassin aka Pure Peyote...)

  2. Haha, brilliant!

    Yeh, I totally just did that, then went and put it back because I knew I was being excessive. Well...I'm a little new to this blogging stuff so gonna be interesting to see how it goes! haha