Saturday, July 17, 2010

To Tennoji! ...and the 100¥store!

So today we set out on an adventure! The mission was to meet our friend Miho at Mio Mall in Tennoji. We had a traditional Japanese breakfast of Vegimite Sandwiches to get us going before setting off to the subway, which is conveniently only a 2 minute walk from The Box.

As we were leaving, we were asked by Takumi to go to the beach tomorrow with a group of people from Osaka house. Hopefully we'll actually make some new friends, and it should be interesting to see what their beaches are like compared to ours. We got to Tennoji station pretty quickly as the subs come every 3 minutes in Osaka, which just shows how poor Adelaide metro really is. Miho was running late, so we ended up walking around Tennoji station and finding a 100¥ store (which roughfully is about $1.15 per item).We stocked up on a lot of crap...but managed to get some sweet glasses and bowls for our room, and what turned out to be phone cables and not ethernet cables...the set back of not being able to read Japanese and relying on the pictures looking like what you need...

So we had no idea where Mio Mall actually was, besides the fact it was in Tennoji...somewhere. I have to say, info centres are definitely becoming our friends. With the help of the info centre, we found mio mall (only a minute away from where we actually were) and met Miho and went shopping. Apparently, it was sale day, although everything was still kind of expensive. Carly says, 'It's like the Myer centre times... two, maybe a little bit more than two. ...No just two.'

We tried out a Japanese Bakery for lunch, which is basically bakers delight, with more freaky things that look weird, yet appealing, and sometimes just horrible. We settled for a plain roll with a bit of garlic stuff on top. A lot of things have hidden things inside them, so we had to be careful. For example, there was a bun thing that looked like it just had some olives on top...innocent you think? Until, you bite into it and BAM! Prawns. Everywhere. Hidden beneath the bun, just waiting for unsuspecting Gaijins to buy them. Thank god we had Miho!

In total, I would say this was a fairly successful day on our parts (aside from the internet cables *sigh*) and hopefully when you hear from us tomorrow, we'll have our own internet and crazy asian beach stories! Hurrah!

Now comment bitches. We want your love. (but mostly your comments)

Saros and Carlos out.


  1. What a treat; the prawn-cakes sound delightful!
    It all sounds rather marvelous. The shopping malls must be pretty terrific. Have you had a chance to look through any electronic/accessories type stores yet?
    Hope you're already getting plenty of photos :P
    Bridge the gap of languages by expressing everything in interpretive dance!

  2. You want my love, you want my disease? Haha. I already love Sarah and Carly in Japan. I feel like it should be a comic, like my 'Tin Tin in Istanbul Tshirt' cos I have seen many and it's like, every time he goes somewhere he gets a tshirt!
    Ok enough ramble.


    <3 Kim