Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weird shiz

So, we're flying out tomorrow and it's just weird. Making family play Monopoly tonight, which I will, as always, hopelessly lose. Taking the past into account, I'll probably then sulk and stamp my foot, accuse everyone else of cheating (after no doubt being caught cheating myself) then grumble that I was robbed.
Yeah. Come play monopoly with me, you'll love it.

Forgot the password to this again. I forsee this happening a lot. It's not a hard password or anything. Today was cool, finally packed (left it a bit late maybe?), probably forgot stuff, (hopefully not important stuff... urg). It sucks that I'm sick (taking antibiotics with me, hope they go through customs okay :S) but I think Dad's mentally thinking "stop whining" already, so I'd better just shut it. (But Dad, it SUCKS that we're gonna miss Inception, Tomorrow When the War Began and Step Up 3).

Airport, 9.20 tomorrow morning. Be there, suckers!

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  1. Also, as Sarah just noted- for a foreigner's hostel, there sure are many Japanese people... and not that many non-Japanese people!