Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, The Full On Day of Nothing.

Saros here! First I'd like to say that we're liking the comments that are slowly building, as well as the ever growing followers. So tonight is Friday. We should be at the Palais. However, we ARE going out tomorrow night, and for $25 All You Can Drink night at Pure Osaka, I think I know where I'd rather be (preferably with the K-Krew here but you can't have everything...maybe just your pants. Yes, I'm talking to you Kirilly and Kim.)

So better start with yesterday...

We did a whole lot of awesome nothing. We slept in til lunchtime, then did a lot of planning for Tokyo. Beno - you better be thankful! haha. There are so many awesome things we want we've had to cram into 1 week, but I think the schedule Carlos has planned is pretty sweet! A few things we have planned are - Tokyo Disneyworld, Akahibara Electronics Shopping District, Harajuku, Hiroshima, Lake Ashi Pirate Ship Cruise, Hakone RopeWay Mountain Climb/Shrines etc, Tokyo Ice Bar and the Alice In Wonderland Cafe...there were a few more things, but it's on the Carlito's laptop, and I ain't getting up off the bed! I have to say, I was impressed with the level of detail we (mostly Carlos) went into with the planning. We have each day set out with budgets and times - Hiroshima is going to be a killer! It's a 5 hour trip there...and back. We plan to leave at 7am...and hopefully return by 10pm - but there is no way we are coming to Japan and not getting one of our famous bomb shelter matter how offensive it may be to the locals (we'll make it quick and hopefully they won't realise what we're doing anyway).

So for dinner, we decided to be fair, and share the lovely (horrible) bowl of left over chicken/veg and noodle thing we made, before finishing off our left over spaghetti sauce. It really is a pity we didn't like it, it looked so Masterchef, and yet tasted a bit shit mingerish. (haha had to put it in for you Kim!) Unfortunately, there were no good shows on the TV in the kitchen (not that we can understand them half the time anyway) so once again we found ourselves on the roof. Only this time, I brought my camera, and Carly and I slid under the fenced off section of the roof so we could take some proper photos. The view is pretty amazing, and will update the blog with photos tomorrow, once I've edited them.

Now onto today...(which was a lot more exciting than Thursday, let me tell you!)


  1. I love that the shit minger phenomenon has followed you to Japan!! Win!! Also, don't worry about the Italians. It's what Europeans do. They smoke and yell everywhere and they have no fucking consideration for anyone!!!
    Ha rant over. But wow Tokyo sounds funnnnnn! And yeah you better hope that there's not some kind of WWII Veteran parade on the day you're in Hiroshima... :S

  2. Just because I don't know if you know this; Samurai won masterchef. Jess won silver, Julia Gillard won the debate (although an alarming number of men were strongly in favour of Tony Abbott), Port won the showdown, Dom Casisi won the showdown medal. I win at life.