Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bean Paste Special: Enjoy, just like we did...

So we tried the bean paste bun. It's like a Berliner...

...only instead of delicious jam, it's filled with undelicious beans.

Eating it was a little like an adventure.

Or, like eating something you think will be funny and disgusting.

Ironically, as you can see, eating the bean paste cake thing was both funny, and disgusting.

For us, it was more disgusting than funny.

If you think this looks like somewhat tasteless beans mushed into a fine, gooey texture that is alarming as it glugs its way down your throat, then you'd be right.
Like soft, horrible sand in a deceptively nice donut casing.

Mmmmm, lovely.


  1. I warned you about the horror of the bean paste, now you must suffer! Watch out for the mochi...they may seem like harmless treats made out of strange foreign jelly, but then in the centre *BAM* BEAN PASTE!
    the horror.

  2. I had bean paste in a spring roll which was gross because it was hot and I expected it to be savoury....
    I imagine it would be nice in a berliner :(

  3. I finally got myself organised with this blogger thing and got my account so now I can post! All I wanted to say was, Saros your face is a classic in that last photo!

  4. omg so i actually figured it out and made a blog thingy, then i clicked on here and it said Laura said... i finally got myself organised with this blogger thing..... and i was like it automatically posted this?? then i workd out it was a diff laura. complete blonde moment. looks like u guys r makin the most of it down there, i had a dream u guys came back already how sad is that? lovin the photos

  5. I can't believe you didn't like it! I went to SF and found those bean paste cakes and LOVED IT!!! Maybe you had a bad baker or a bad batch. The genuine stuff is to die for!